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Monday - Hogwarts

Out the door and made it Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure park in time to open the park. Met up with Jules, her daughter Jessie and Jessie's boyfriend, Diego in the parking garage.

Lost Jessie & Diego to Starbucks. J, W & I rushed through the park to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter land. Line was already at a 40 minute wait for Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey ride. It's a really cool ride. I need to ride it again so that I can figure out all the nuances that I missed. Going through all the different rooms in order to get to the actual ride - somebody put lots of time into the settings.

The park was packed, and it wasn't even 11am yet.

The Dragon Challenge was closed for some reason. The line was already long for the Hippogriff ride, so we skipped it. Listened to the Frog Chorus while we drank out butterbeers. OMG is that sweet. Sort of tasted like toasted marshmallows, only sweeter. I bought frozen butterbeer in a souvenir cup - which I split with W. Actually, I think I only took a few sips. Besides the whole sugar business, a little bit went a very long way. J drank all of hers. Did not try the pumpkin juice.

Had fun in Honeydukes'. Picked up a few chocolate frogs and some dark chocolate peppermint toads. Did not buy a wand, but bought t-shirts for the kidlets and a stein.

Had lunch at The Three Broomsticks. T'was interesting to see the hog's head over the bar talk (grunt?). Roasted chicken and bbq ribs, corn and roasted potatoes. One of the more tasty and inexpensive meals of the whole trip.

Spiderman was working earlier, but had broken down by the time we got there. Did ride the Dr. Seuss ride (even though J hates Dr. Seuss) and Jurassic Park. It wasn't warm enough to ride the other two water rides. (plus I did not want any more wet shoes!!!!). The Eighth Adventure of Sinbad was fun too!

Time to change parks!

I was ready for another time out at this point. I volunteered to take the packages back to the car and I'd meet everybody in the park. Did that work? Nope. J & W walked behind me all the way to the car. *sigh* I was hoping to spare them my crankiness. Oh well.

Universal Studios!

J & W went to the I Love Lucy exhibit. Me? I found a quiet spot and took a break. I felt much better after that. My feet were especially grateful - no new blisters, just the same ones from Friday.

Met up with Jules, Jessie & Diego at the Revenge of the Mummy. The ride was pretty much a walk on. I think the crowd was all at the Islands of Adventure Park. Rode ET Adventure , Men in Black: Alien Attack (my score was like 25K. Pitiful), and watched the Horror Make Up Show.

Said goodbye to Jules, Jessie & Diego. *sniff* Hopefully we'll see each other more often than once every 8-10 years.

Did a bit more shopping - J went back to the I Love Lucy exhibit so she could buy the special Lucy bear. Closed the park.

Ended up having dinner at Bubba Gump's.

Tags: disneyworld, friends, harry potter

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