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Friday - Animal Kingdom & EPCOT

Up & out by 8am. Breakfast in the cafeteria. I got the Bounty Platter - scrabbled eggs, breakfast potatoes, sausage patty and french toast sticks. J & W had waffles and bacon. Then, onto the first park - The Animal Kingdom!

The Tree of Life was cool! Didn't go in to watch It's a Bugs Life show.

The weather was cool with rain showers. J had wisely picked up rain ponchos (89 cents at Walmart), so we stayed dried. Well, everything except my shoes and socks. I found the lone, big puddle. *sigh* This caused me much trouble through out the trip - slippery, rubbing socks = BLISTERS.

We started out with the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. Saw elephants, giraffes, lions, okapi, baboons, hippos, zebras and lots more! Then we did the rollercoaster - Everest and the Maharajah walking trail (bats! birds! tigers!). The komodo dragons were not out - it was too cold for them.

Wandered about for a couple of hours and then headed out to EPCOT. The fact that we did do 6 parks had a lot to do with W - a) he drove us everywhere, b) as a "cast member", got free parking at all the parks, c) he got us into the parks for free or at a discount and d) we used his discount for food (20% off) and merchandise (40% off). Yay!

EPCOT! I haven't been there since 1991!

We rode Spaceship Earth, Mission: Space (green level, NOT orange with da spinning), and the Circle of Life. Then we wandered through the left side of country pavillions: Mexico, Norway, China, and Germany.

Dinner at The Biergarten in Germany. T'was a buffet and dinner show. Wheat beer! It's amazing that I still remember the words to Ein Prosit - the drinking song, which Georg and his friends taught the tour group 30 years ago =). And the duck/chicken dance!

After dinner, we rode The Maelstrom (Norway) and spent much time in the shops so J could buy her Halloween costume. Helmet with horns and braids, tunic t-shirt and a shield. Beware!

EPCOT's "magical hours" - two hours either before the park opens or after the park closes, which only people who are staying at a resort hotel (must show room key) have access to the rides. The day we were there, it was between 9-11pm. W was counting the minutes until MH began.

So we rode Test Track (design your car and run it on a test track at 65 miles per hour), Living the Land (one of my favorites), and Soaring.

Did some shopping and closed the park.
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