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Da Mouse and Hogwarts!

My nephew (aka my "godson", Joycie's son, Wesley) has been working for Disney in Florida for the past nine months as a college intern. He'd recently been offered a pernament job - part time to start and hopefully he'll be moved to full time real soon now. Ever since he's moved out there, he's been inviting the family to come out and visit. He'd be able to get us discounts on hotels and park tickets and do the whole tour guide bit. So I had said I'd like to tentatively visit in January, depending on work and stuff. Well, December came and around and he "twisted my arm" and along with his mom, Joycie, convinced me to come to Florida. So, Joycie and I would meet up with Wesley and have a fabulous vacation.

Right. 6 parks in 4 days. We opened the parks and closed parks. OMG!!!!
The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, The Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, and Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure.

I spent Wednesday evening baking peanut butter blossoms (peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss in the center). K & the kidlets usually bake like crazy for Christmas, and Joyce's family love those peanut butter cookies. Wes, being in Florida, did not receive any and he was very sad, so I had promised I'd bring him some.

Thursday, after getting a whole 2 hours of sleep (excitement and all), Joyce & Ron picked me up at 4:15 AM!!!! Checked our bags, went through the metal detectors (no x-ray) and we were at the gate by 4:40am. The joys of a 6am flight. Ugh. Slept most of the way across country and arrived in Florida at 4pm. We didn't have to deal with luggage because we'd been booked on the Disney Magical Shuttle. Hopped on the shuttle and we were delivered to our hotel - The Pop Century Resort. We stayed in the 60's building, next to the Mowgli and Balloo statues.

Wesley picked us up after he got off work and we went to Downtown Disney for dinner at Earl of Sandwich. Chicken Noodle soup & a Chinese Chicken Salad wrap. Yum!

Next up, Walmart. Wes just moved out of the dorms and into his own apt, so Joyce was in full shopping mode.

Two hours later, back to the hotel and SLEEP.

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