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Limited Catch Up

I am so behind in posting to LJ. I figured I'd just start with a "what did I do this month so far".

The first thing I did this year was go for a walk on the beach just after midnight and watch the fireworks.
New Year's Day, we made mochi and had the usual Oshogatsu feast.

A week ago Friday, Joyce, Ron, Joe Ann, Joe, Modesta and I went to Cache Creek Casino. I'd never been there. Joyce and Nancy had been promising to take me... Friday night traffic meant it was a slow trip up. Got there in just over 2 hours. Dinner at the Harvest Buffet, then gambling for the next 5 hours. Hmmm, the machines there like me as much as the machines at Thunder Valley. Donate, donate, donate. *sigh* Nobody did very well except Modesta and she broke even. It was fun. Got home around 3am.

Tuesday, herefox and I saw Elliot Yamin at Yoshi's. Dinner at the restaurant side first. Scallop & crab cakes with uni risotto! Uni???? Grilled veggies. T'was tasty. (I actually had tried uni for the very first time at my cousins' for Christmas. *interesting*.). Oh, the grilled veggies included a weird squash with a red flower pattern in the middle and brussel sprouts. A year ago, I would NOT have ordered anything at all with brussel sprouts. *weg*

We sat at Table 7, which is on the right side of the stage, up against the stage. The other two people who were to share our table, never showed up. It was a fun show! Some sing-a-long. Took a bunch of photos, but with the spotlights, Elliot's face was always a blur. I even took a pic of the set list. he closed the show with an impromptu version of "A Song For You". squee!! His keyboardist kept shaking his head - they hadn't played this song for a long time and he was trying to remember how to play it. Did I mention that our table was less than 2 feet away from the keyboards?

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