Debbie (debmats) wrote,

WorldCon 2012 - Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Then we took Tammy to the Megabus stop. Even with directions, we still had issues getting there. Road closures due to construction. Did mention detours too? Oh, and those one way streets.

Left Christopher with the luggage and the whole check out business. Yay Christopher!

Last concert - Bill & Brenda Sutton and Jordin Kare. Hee! Brenda sang the Eggs and Bacon song! Jordin sang Fire in the Sky which made me very happy.

Chatted with Cathy McManamon after the concert and was able to purchase her two cds! Score! Told her she really needs to come out to the west coast.

Kev & Christopher dropped me off at Midway. Hugs and farewells.

What is it with the x-ray machine and my bra???? Oh, and my ice pack had thawed so that was an issue too. I didn't even think about pulling it out because I haven't had to in the past. Note to self: If ice pack has thawed, pull it out. Do not leave it in the backpack.

Nonstop flight. Woot! Home by 9:15pm.
Tags: chicon7, friends, worldcon

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