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WorldCon 2012 - Day 3

Saturday. Breakfast at the hotel buffet. The omelet chef is amazing. He had omelets flying and flipping in the air with the greatest of ease =) Smoked salmon. I was quite happy.

There were two panels that I wanted to go to at 10:30-noon.
Strong Female Characters in SF&F
How is the female character changing in current SF&F and why? What are the positive and negative influences on such characters in books, TV, and film? How do writers handle the treatment of strong female characters, and what are the popular and effective traits and devices? When do writers go too far, providing we can define "too far."?
Diana Rowland, Sara M. Harvey, P. C. Hodgell, Lynda Williams ORU, Kameron Hurley

The Art of the Cover Pose
Jim C. Hines, Steven Vincent Johnson, Yanni Kuznia, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Karen Haber

Tammy & I ended up at the Strong Female Characters moderated by PC Hodgell. One panel member had a tendency to go on about her books and characters. Oh well.

Missed both the Pat Rothfus and Joshua Palmatier readings.

Zipped down to the Dealers Room to get Jim Hines to sign Libromancer Did the fan girl squee and told him that we were reading this book for Book Club!

One lady waiting in line was named "Trouble", so I asked her "since I found trouble..." and she gave me a ribbon which read "I found Trouble" heee! I'd seen other people with the ribbon and I had been wondering...

Chatted with another Liaden fan while in line - I guess the Carousel Tides t-shirt gave me away.

\"Choice of Ending\" Operetta
\"Choice of Ending: An Operetta in One Act\" Book: Tanya Huff; Music and Lyrics: Brenda Sutton; Musical Arrangements: Dr. Mary Crowell) The Operetta Project started soon after editor/singer/songwriter Brenda Sutton republished Tanya Huff\'s harrowing short story \"Choice of Ending\" in the November 2006 issue of the e-zine Mythic Passages. In it, the avatar of the Crone, a homeless hag named Mrs. Ruth, pushes a shopping cart full of Tabasco sauce, empty Girl Guide cookie boxes, and telephone books, through the streets of Toronto helping people. She knows things. She has answers, but an avatar can only respond if petitioned. Rules are rules.

Then there was an SRO Seanan McGuire concert and then a Vixy & Tony concert. SQUEEE!

Dinner at South Water Kitchen. More duck! (Gunthorp Farms Duck Breast pistachios, apricot quinoa, apricot glaze)

Went to the Golden Oldies of Filk with the Greenbergs. Threes! Ladyhawke! Lullabye for a Weary World! Hope Eyrie!

I think this is the night that Tammy went off to bed early and Kev & I found a spot of quiet on the Gold Level to figure out Sunday's schedule.
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