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WorldCon 2012 - Day 2

Friday - breakfast at Yolk.
Dealers room, I think. Tammy & I spent much time & money at Angelwear Creations. Shiny!!! Did get to cross Tammy off my Christmas shopping list. Score!

seanan_mcguire's reading!

One of the first things I checked when the 2012 baseball season schedule came out was whether the Cubs or the White Sox would be in town during WorldCon. Yes! Cubs vs Giants. I checked with my roomies early on as to who'd want to go to an afternoon ballgame. Two out of three, Tammy was not interested. Then Chicon7 announced that they'd picked up 75 tickets for the game and we could sit in a WorldCon section. Yes!

I had originally planned to leave for the ballpark by 11, but seanan_mcguire's reading didn't end until 11:30, so we got a late start. Us and the gazillion other people taking the Red Line to Wrigley Field. First train that came through the station was packed. We did manage to get on the 2nd train and proceeded to become a sardine for the next 30 minutes. Oy!

Wrigley Field! Yay! Didn't need sun screen after all. We were in the shade! More Yay! This was an afternoon game on a weekday, and we did NOT want to deal with rush hour traffic plus ballgame traffic. I think the trains would explode. We decided to leave after 2 hours or 7th inning, which ever came first. First we ending up sitting in the wrong section. Oops. Nachos! Two souvenir size diet pepsis! Even though we were in the shade, it was still hot and muggy. (91F)

Go Giants! Well, not so much. By the 3rd inning, the Cubs were leading 5-0. Final score was 6-4 Cubs. There were Giants fans in our row other than me. One guy was wearing a bright orange courderoy jacket. Ugh. How could he stand it? I spent part of the time texting coworker Deanna that I was not bringing her beloved Giants much luck. (she ended up texting me re: A's vs Boston game later on - A's won 20-2)

Ride back was okay. No sitting, but not packed. Back to room for cooling shower (there's NO POOL at this hotel!!!!) and a nap.

Met up with trektone for dinner. Taxi'd over to Lou Manati's for pizza. (North Wells Street location?) Tammy, Joey & I split the Spinach salad and Kev & Christopher split the Malnati salad (Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, crumbled Volpi salami and gorgonzola cheese with our Sweet Vinaigrette and romano cheese.) Both salads were tasty! The pizza - crust was good, but I like more zing to my tomato sauce. We got The "Lou" (Spinach mix, mushrooms and sliced roma tomatoes covered with three cheeses) and The Malnati Chicago Classic™ (Made with Lou's lean sausage, some extra cheese and vine-ripened tomato sauce on Buttercrust.™) What's unique is instead of sausage pieces, they use a sausage patty. Of the two, I liked this one the best.

Walked back to the hotel with a stop at Xoco's for dessert. This is the bean to cup hot chocolate & churros place which made Kev very happy. (While we were in Spain, this was one of the things that Kev had to have - well at least the hot chocolate & churros part) Joey got several different types of hot chocolate, and there was soft serve vanilla ice cream for dipping and shortbread and and and. Tammy & I had both blown our carbs at dinner, so we just tasted a bit here and there.

Went to the 9pm Vixy & Tony themed filk. I think this is the night that we all bailed early.
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