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WorldCon 2012 - Day 1

Thursday, pezazul, clsinstl, tammy_g and I walked over to Yolk on South Michigan Ave. for breakfast. Actually, we liked the place so much, we ended up going there for breakfast on Friday too. One day I got the Irish Benedict (corned beef hash, fried tomato, eggs) and the other day, I got the Countryside Skillet with spinach instead of green peppers.

Missed the Sing-a-long Chicon panel. Not sure why.
Did go to Bill & Gretchen Roper and Erica Neely's Concert! (Julie & Katie Roper too!)
Blind Lemming Chiffon's concert too
Missed Jim Hines' reading. I think we went to dinner then.

Walked three (?) blocks from the hotel to Millenium Park. Traffic is so insane, there are traffic cops at the main intersection. Dinner at Park Grill. Casey Abrams of American Idol had a concert during dinner!

After dinner, we split up. Christopher went back to the room, Tammy & Kev went to the Crime & Fantasy panel and I went to:

Apollo 13: The Longest Hour
Sy Liebergot speaks about what it was like to be a Flight Controller in Mission Control when a monster failure occurred during the Apollo 13 mission and landed squarely in his lap. He relates the general details of the explosion as they really happened
Sy Liebergot

The room was SRO and it was a fascinating panel. He described it as "in the last hour of an eight hour shift, just checking the levels and 'Houston, we had a problem'" I'm really glad I decided to go. Wow!

Not sure why, but we ended up getting to the Themed Filk: The Alphabet Circle with Tim Griffin and Cathy McManamon late. They were up to the letter J? I've heard Tim at Consonance and have really liked him, but I'd never heard Cathy. (I ended up buying her 2 cds!!!)

I stayed out later than my roomies. They missed hearing Kathy Mar & Jordin Kare. Chatted with trektone about dinner plans and stuff somewhere between the west and east towers.
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