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The Sunday before WorldCon, we celebrated Kyle's 13th Birthday.
ACK!!!!! OMG! He's a teenager!!!

He chose a sashimi dinner at home (though his dad had COOKED chicken).
Chocolate lava cake.

Tuesday morning started out with a 3am wake up, and a taxi pick up at 4am. Ugh. Early mornng flights always sound much better in plan rather than in actuality. Towncar instead of taxi, and a $23 fare instead of $25???

Checked my bag in, but managed to walk almost to the security without my boarding pass. Definitely NOT AWAKE. *sigh* No x-ray machine - woot! Quick breakfast from Burger King.

Flight was uneventful. We took off on time, quick stop in Los Angelex and then we made it on time to St. Louis. Grabbed a snack at Burger King (theme for the day) while waiting for pezazul to pick me up.

Yummy dinner at Meskerem. Injera!!!! Why is it that the only time I get injera is in St. Louis? Sambosas, Tibs Wat, Tikil Gomen, Shiro Wat, Butecha and one other meat dish. Yum! A bit of gelato for dessert - the gelateria across the street has a lovely patio with a fountain and fairy lights.

Wednesday, we were on the road to Chicago by 10am. Lunch at Steak & Shake in Springfield, IL (hey! another state capital). Had a Chicago Dog (not quite in Chicago). Hit a bit of traffic close to Chicago, but made it to Chicago Hyatt Regency by 4pm. Quckly checked in and settled in room 1782 in the east tower.

pezazul, clsinstl and I walked by the river, over the bridge, past the Billy Goat Tavern to The Frontera Grill. They don't take reservations, so we were there when the doors opened at 5pm.

I tried the Summer Margarita: Cazadores blanco tequila, fresh-squeezed lime juice, organic cane syrup, muddled organic cucumber, shaken at the table. I was a little wary about having a drink with cucumber, but our server said it was his favorite, so I gave it a shot. It was good!

Tasty dinner!!! We started with Guacamole and Ceviche Trio: Frontera Ceviche (albacore, tomato, olive), Yucatecan Ceviche (shrimp, squid, orange, cucumber), Tropical Tuna Cocktail (big eye, avocado-tomatillo, tropical fruit salsa).

I ordered the Duck in Red Pipian: Red chile-rubbed Gunthorp duck breast with red pipian (ancho, chipotle, peanuts, pumpkinseeds, sweet spices). Garlicky red beans with duck chicharron, smoky braised kale. Kev got Mole Trio: Mole poblano enchiladas (2), braised short rib in Oaxacan yellow mole (pitiyona, masa dumplings, roasted chayote), local vegetables in green pumpkinseed mole and Christopher had Cochinita Pibil: Achiote-marinated Gunthorp Farm suckling pig roasted in banana leaves. Black beans, habanero salsa. There was much sharing of dishes. Yum!

We walked back to the hotel, picked up our registration packet, and managed to say hello to friends.

At 8:30, we got throughly lost trying to get to Union Station to pick up Tammy from the Megabus stop. GPS didn't work and between the construction, blocked streets and detours, what usually is a 10 minute ride took close to 40 minutes. We did finally find us a tammy_g!!! Yay!
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