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Family Vacation 2012 - Part II

Tuesday, started out with Dim Sum with K's friend Mai (aka to the kids as Dr. Frankenstein - have no idea why). Mai will be moving back up to the Bay Area to work at Children's Hospital with K - she'd been in SoCal for the last two years in a program for pediatric rehab?

Then we drove to Aaron, Aly, Luc and London's in Playa del Rey. Luc & London have a blast with their older cousins - Luc loves playing games on the Wii with Kyle. The kids spent most of the afternoon in the pool, while the adults yakked (K, Aaron, Aly, Ellen (Aaron's mom), Rich (her partner) and me). Ellen brought over dinner - she wanted to feed us for a change as she & Rich somtimes join us for Thanksgiving. Fried chicken (this seems to be a theme for this vacation), grilled veggies, broccolini salad, fried green tomatoes, corn...

Wednesday was an expensive day. We ended up with an extra hotel room booked due to some issues with a hotel booking site. Actually, at one point, we had 3 rooms booked. grrrrr.

We did a quick trip through Downtown Disney for a bit of shopping and then had lunch at The Rain Forest Cafe.

We ended up at the Pepper Tree Hotel in Anaheim. It was nice - would have been great if we'd been staying there over a few days. Nice kitchen set up. Kidlets were in the pool for a couple of hours. Then we met up with cousins Scotty & Laurie and their two kids, Kelsy & Scott for dinner at Harima (j-food) in Cypress. I think this was the first time I've actually had a conversation with the kids. Kelsy is attending UC Riverside & Scott is attending CSU Long Beach. We closed out the restaurant and continued to chat in the parking lot for another half an hour or so.

Thursday, we went to Knott's Berry Farm. I haven't been there in 27 years, so a lot has changed since I'd been there. We did the Ghostrider (huge wooden rollercoaster) first - I do not handle being bounced and slammed as well as I used to. K's hip didn't like it at all, so that was the only ride K rode. Kidlets love rides, so they did the Sierra Sidewinder, Jaguar, Windseeker, Montezooma's Revenge, Pony Express, Big Foot Rapids, Log Ride and Supreme Scream. Multiple times.

Kyle, the rollercoaster fanatic, loved Montezooma's Revenge (Tidal Wave at Great America)! He rode Xcelerator all by himself because I took one look at it (it's goes vertical!!!!) and said "no way".

He & I rode The Silver Bullet (Top Gun yay!!!), and Perilous Plunge (hello, they need to have two boats going, not just one - 75 minute wait!)

Alani's favorite was the Jaguar, so she & I rode it again while Kyle was off doing Montezooma's Revenge

We were planning on going to Mrs. Knott's chicken restaurant, but the wait was long and it was the witching hour for da kidlets. We ended up doing a bit of shopping and then had dinner at Claim Jumper.

Friday, we were homeward bound as of 10:30am. Two potty stops, and an early dinner at Mimi's Cafe in Pleasanton. Home by 6:30.

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