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Eeyore II got new shoes today. Odometer read 215,703. Last set of tires bought in May, 2009.

Tuesday was my 23rd annual celebration of surviving the first 6 months with the City. Included Mickey Mouse waffles and whipped cream, both plain and vanilla yogurts. Still ended up with two packages of croissants left, but that could be because the bowl was NOT refilled in a timely manner. Joe became the official waffle maker. I even had two people from San Carlos show up!

Wednesday, 4th of July - K & kidlets came over and we watched the parade. Enjoyed the horses - one of the dancing horses pranced up to the group next to us, and scared the two ladies *hee*. The next to last entry had the number 132 - and the final entry, the street sweeper, was cheered loudly.

Kidlets had eaten croissants, grapes, carrots and cheetos, so were not hungry for lunch. K & I went to Taco Bell and had a guilty pleasure taco feast. After the kidlets and K pulled weeds, the kidlets came over for a long swim. Dinner at Ohana's.

Dinner at herefox's on Thursday - much crack dip and So You Think You Can Dance.

Yesterday, I managed to lock myself out on the balcony. Tried to pick the lock, but no luck. Ended up asking the workers building a new fence in one of the lower units for help. One of them ended up being the head maintenance guy, so he let me in. *sigh*

This morning, brunch at Jim's, followed by the Farmer's Market. Then I dropped off the van for shoes and K & I went off for some retail therapy - Bed, Bath & Beyond and Tokyo Fish Market.

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