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BaltiCon - Part II

Saturday! Breakfast at the hotel buffet - omelets were good. A little expensive for what else was served. Sort of like what I remembered from the last time I'd was at Balticon.

GOH Concert! Heather Dale & Ben Deschamps! Much squeeing - I always enjoy listening to them. They were joined by Betsy Tinney, Sj Tucker and somebody on drums. There may have been more.

I went to a panel on Collaborative Writing which was moderated by marigot, a reading by Maria V. Snyder (one of my favorites) and went to Reesa & Michelle's reading.

Did we go to Chipotle for lunch? I know we went to Andy's BBQ for dinner. Yum. We were joined by Stanley - he was kind enough to bring the box of forgotten, but very necessary stuff for Sunday's party.

Yakking until late.

Sunday. Breakfast? Panera, I think.
Went to jpsorrow's signing, the Broad Universe reading (Michelle & Reesa, and about 10 others)
Got to listen to just a bit of the SJ Tucker concert.

Panel: "When Bad Guys Go Good" Patrick Scaffido, Peter Prellwitz, Maria V Snyder, Jody Lynn Nye and moderated by Reesa Herberth

Book Release Party! Cupcakes & Con Men! Slipstream Con by S. Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore! Woot!

It's a Dorsai thing - Dorsai themed songs and other favorites of the Ghost of Honor, Bob Asprin (Mary Crowell, Gary Erlich, Deja Biernesser and one or two other people)

Went to Reesa & Michelle's signing

Panel: Co-Authoring - moderated by Reesa. I know Michelle was on the panel, but I forget the rest.

Dinner... take out from Wegman's - eaten in the room. I ended up with salami, cheese and a bagel. Yakking again.

Packed up Michelle's car. She, Alex & Deb drove back to Springfield. Kev & I had planned to stay one more night at the hotel as I had an early morning flight out of Baltimore and it was much easier to leave from the hotel rather than Springfield. Tammy & Reesa decided to stay too. Yak yak yak and lots of giggling until very early. Sleep? Who needs sleep?

They dropped me off at the airport around 7:30 (ugh early) and they headed back to Springfield. Me? I was off to Albany and Cooperstown!
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