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BaltiCon - Part I

Yet another early morning flight. Ugh. Called my usual cab company and found out they were branching out into limo and town car service. The dispatcher said that it would be a flat fee to the airport. T’was a much nicer ride than a cab.

Arrived at the airport around 4:45am – security? Oh yeah. Got both the x-ray and the pat down. What is the machine’s fascination with my bra???

Uneventful flight cross country – two hour layover in Salt Lake City, but otherwise, it was a quick trip. pezazul was there to pick me up in Baltimore. We decided to go have yummy Peruvian chicken with the jalapeno sauce at El Rancho - some place close to an_sceal and marigot's.

Onto to Reesa & Michelle's place... The plan was to hang out at their place on Thursday and drive up to BaltiCon on Friday.

We walk up to the door and everybody greets Kev and then there's me. See, I hadn't told anybody I was coming, just Kev - and that I was going to crash Reesa & Michelle's book signing =) Hee!

Hugs from Reesa and Tammy. Michelle was out with some of her buddies. Alex & Deb were still on the road somewhere between Vermont and Virginia.

Kitten! Loki is adorable. Sneezeable too. Ended up raiding Stanley's xyrtec stash - I've got two bottles of the stuff at home, but totally forgot to bring some. 6 cats, chinchillas and birds? Yup. Needed xyrtec.

Helped put together stuff for the Cupcake and Con Men book release party.

Alex & Deb! Had to apologize to Alex - he'd asked me whether I was going to Balticon when they were out in March and I lied...

Friday morning started with a fritatta brunch. Yum! Diet pepsi (but only because I've gotten Reesa hooked on the stuff *snicker*) I think we frosted lots of cupcakes that morning. Kev was sent out for dry ice. (many issues at store, took a very long time)

Eventually, we drove up to the Hunts Valley Marriott. It took forever - like almost 2 1/2 hours and it usuually only takes about an hour or less. Traffic was horrible!!! Kev, Tammy & I shared a room and when we checked in, we got a room with two beds. Reesa, Michelle, Alex & Deb? Not so much luck - their room had a single king sized bed. OOOH, that would be really cozy - 4 people, one bed - though staff said they'd send over a single roll away bed. NOT Happy. Reesa and company ended up talking to the manager and they were moved to a room with the appropriate number of beds.

Nobody in line, so I got through registration quickly. There was a wee line for pre-registration, so I waited for everybody else to finishi up. We ended up at Wegman's for dinner. Wegman's has a huge prepared food section. Got a little of this and little of that and some food to share. I liked the open area for eating on the mezzanine level.

Concerts! Katie Tinney (accompanied by Betsy Tinney & SJ Tucker), followed by Mary Crowell. Fun!
Did not make it to filking that night.
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