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Da weekend

Friday, I had an ABI or Ankle Brachial Index test done. What it does is measure the pressure at both arms and both ankles and then does a comparison between each side’s arm & ankle pressure. I tested normal! This test will be used as baseline for future tests.

I am now older than my dad was when he died. It’s sort of a weird thought? Feeling?

Another test I passed last week? My yearly work evaluation! Yay! I still need to keep my area better organized.

Friday night, herefox trained up. We had dinner at La Penca Azul - the Jamaica mojito is always yummy. Then off to the Altarena to see Spring Awakening. I’m glad I had looked up the synopsis before hand – it made much more sense and I wasn’t as shocked by some of the songs as I would have been =) I really liked some of the songs: The Song of Purple Summer, I Believe, Left Behind and Totally F*cked. I want to hear The Dark I Know Well again, as there was a problem in the row in front of us. The poor guy in front of us had what turned out to be a back spasm/cramp and tried to leave, but got stuck.

When I went to bed, Sean was still working on the Tiffany puzzle… (the one we started at Asilomar – still not done)

Saturday, I drove Foxy back home. Breakfast at Hobee’s!!! Blueberry coffeecake! YUM!
Then I met up with trektone to celebrate his birthday. (only a month late this year). He wanted to go to Kendric’s on Treasure Island. The tasting room is a work in progress. It’s housed in a couple of classrooms at a closed elementary school. We met and chatted with owner, grower, wine maker (etc), Stewart Johnson for about two hours! Got to try his pinot noir from 2006 – 2009, a syrah and something else. In order of preference, I liked the 2008, 2006 and the 2009 (really interesting – would like to taste is again in a year or so - which won’t be released until this fall).

Quick snack break – Joey had hot dogs and I got some popcorn. We sat along the bay wall with SF directly in front of us, the Bay Bridge to the left, up the hill and the Golden Gate Bridge to the center right - t’was a gorgeous day.
Tried to go to The Winery for more tastings, but they had several events going on and were closed to the public. Boy, do they need better signage.

Ended up at The Bodega where we tried 8 different wines from 4 wineries. So-so. The Curveball red blend was tasty as was the Tempranillo. Joey liked the Tempranillo enough to take a bottle home.

Dinner at Bar Cesar. We were both in the mood for tapas and perhaps paella. It turns out that Bar Cesar no longer has the extensive tapas and paella menu as it used to (like it’s sister restaurant Cesar in Berkeley still has), but we munched our way through the menu. Duck Tacos, olives with anchovies, Caesar salad, salmon, ceviche, and of course, potatas bravas. Lots of yakking as usual.

ETA (08-05-12 10:50am): The last time I'd been on Treasure Island? Ocotober 18, 1980 - For Joycie & Ron's wedding =)
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