Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Some Assembly Required

It's always fun to do the Ikea Thing. By Ikea Thing I mean, going to the store and spending 2-3 hours shopping, and then bringing home your goodies and doing the dreaded "some assembly required".

I bought a wine rack yesterday. It has a top shelf and 8 bottle rack shelves with 8 bottle slots per shelf. Putting the shelf together required 36 2-3 inch bolts and 4 wood screws. I don't own a drill, so everything needed to be done with my handy dandy manual ratchet screwdriver. After screwing in the first 7 bolts, I realized that even though it looked funky, I needed to use the inside set of holes rather than the outside ones because it blocked off part of the last slots on both sides. Had to redo.

I did all the attaching for the front side and Foxy was kind enough to do all the attaching for the back side. We both ended up with very sore hands and almost blisters. Ouch. I also have many cuts and scratches. More ouch. Ah yes, there's the bruise on my pinkie from slamming it into a piece wood while trying to pull the plastic bag of screws out from where it was stapled to the wood. Feeling stupid ouch.

Ah well, but my wine rack is up and I have filled it. Plus I've got three smaller ones filled. Yes, it's scary that I have that much wine. Y'all better come over and help me drink the stuff!!!!
Tags: friends, me

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