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Asilomar - May 4-6

Boy, am I behind in posting. Guess I'll update out of order. I still have March & April to do.

Worked Friday until 3pm. The day was crazy - yet another Public Records Act request which needed to be addressed immediately. That seems to be how the entire week went. The auditors were in and I spent Monday and Tuesday providing data that hadn't been in the original request for data.

Picked up herefox and we drove the 80+ miles to Asilomar State Park & Conference Center. We pulled into the parking lot at check in and were greeted by a whole bunch of people waving at us. Turned out to be various members of "Striders" here for a conference for walkers from all over the world.

I had not been back to Asilomar since my sophomore year of high school. The annual "S" Club Conference (sponsored by the Soroptomists International) was held there. Trying to see what I remembered from a weekend when I was 15 and incorporating it with what I was experiencing 36 years later - t'was interesting.

We had a high ceilinged room in Live Oak bulding. It was away from the main conference area, very quiet, lots of trees and other foilage. Deer, birds and squirrels. Didn't see any raccoons or mountain lions. There were lots of signs about mountain lions and to be aware. I guess it was street smart, wildlife version.

Walked up to downtown Pacific Grove (lots of up and down - Alameda is flat, so inclines and declines = soreness). Saw a family of deer in the front yard of one of the houses we passed by. Had dinner at Fandango. Italian/Mediterranean - a bit on the expensive side. Sean said he felt a bit underdressed. He had French Onion soup and Osso Buco. I had a Caesar salad and paella. T'was yummy. The Lucia (by Pisoni) pinot noir was tasty too.

It was quite dark for our walk back to Asilomar. Hmmmm, Mountain lions. Cars. No sidewalk. Dark clothes. No flashlight. Yeah, we were prepared for the walk back. Fortunately, Foxy had a bouncy ball which lights up when hit or bounced. We were prepared after all! The ball lit the way, sort of like Eilonwy's bauble. Not quite sure what the cop thought about it when we passed by his parked car.

Saturday morning, *I* was awake before 6am. Not sure if it was because the I crashed before 11pm the night before or some noisy crow. Anyway, we ended up walking around the conference center and then down to the beach. OCEAN! Ocean always makes me happy. Then we walked back to the Crocker Dining Hall when we heard the berakfast bell ring.

There were two choices for breakfast - "Cold" - bagels, cream cheese, lox, fruit, granola, yogurt and pastries or "Hot" - scrambled eggs with green onions, bacon, waffles, oatmeal, fruit, cranberry coffeecake, pastries, and fruit. Coffee, orange juice and water. Had a brief chat with a couple from Winters, CA.

In the mood to shop, we stopped by the gift shop. A new sweatshirt, metal water bottle, fuzzle socks and a one thousand piece puzzle of a Tiffany stained glass window.

More deer! It was so cute to see a wee fawn prancing in the meadow. He was bouncing before taking a time out for milk from mom.

We went back to the room, put the two student desks together and for the next few hours, we worked on putting the puzzle together. Did I mention that the puzzle had lots of color and flowers and butterflies and everything started looking the same? In the beginning, with the early morning light streaming into the room, it was much easier to discern the different shades. Afterwards? Not so much for me.

Walked back up to town for lunch and shopping. Took the scenic route down the 17 Mile Drive. Gorgeous day. The only bad spot was my leg cramps. It may be in part from being a bit dehydrated and it may also be a side effect of one of the meds I'm taking. Grrr...

As it was Cinco de Mayo, we went to Peppers. Grilled swordfish tacos with guacamole and hot sauce. Yum! Sean had mushroom and artichoke enchiladas. Sounded weird, but he said they were tasty. Tasty enough that I think he'll be making it for dinner Tuesday (he did and they were good!). The sangria was not very sweet, but it was still tasty.

After a bit more shopping - including a trip to the Grove Market to buy salami, cheese and bread, we walked back to Asilomar. Then much time was spent on da puzzle (well, Sean did, I ended up taking a nap). Around 5pm, we walked down to the cafe and had a snack and then onto the beach for sunset. Ocean! Did some reading, a bit of sunning and just plain relaxing to the sound of crashing waves. It makes me happy. Brief visits with friendly doggies. (leash? right) Sunset was supposed to be 7:30, but Sean was still taking pictures until after 8. Slightly frozen at that point, we walked back up to the cafe, where they had defintely R rated movies playing on the tv. Not sure it was appropriate for an open space area where kidlets could wonder in. My salted caramel hot chocolate was so-so. The counter guy didn't know exactly how to make it and then he couldn't find the salt...

Back to the room for more puzzle, and a bread, cheese, salami + a turkey panini for dinner.

Sunday morning, we were up in time to get to breakfast around 7:30. Breakfast choice was again Hot: scrambled eggs with basil, sausage, potatoes... I opted for the "other Hot": chorizo, potato and salsa burrito, hard boiled egg, oatmeal, and fruit. Shared a table with a family from Pleasanton. (young couple, small girl and a doll named Clark?)

Back to room to pack up. I napped. Sean worked on the puzzle. By that time it was probably a third complete. Carefully packed the puzzle up and I'll reassemble what had been completed on my dining room table...

Checked out and then drove to Monterey's Cannery Row. Walked around, did a bit of shopping. Got lost trying to find the black light mini golf place. Finally found Oceans 18 Mini Golf. "Oceans 18 pioneer's the underwater Miniature Golf theme, using 'Black Lights', fluorescent murals, and obstacles! This produces an elaborate course with stunning visual effects."

I haven't played mini golf in eons, and it was fun. Good thing we could stop counting strokes after 6 or 7 per hole, though I think the most I hit was 12. Stupid hill.

Found a most wonderful pair of pink, fluffy, monster slippers with black claws!

Lunch at the Cannery Row Brewing Co. Did not like the blueberry beer.
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