Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Went to dinner with Nancy for the first time in ages. We had drifted apart after doing the "single girl Friday night dinner out and shopping" for eons. Friday was one of the few nights that I could go out and do something while my mom needed care 24/7. Nance played a big part in keeping me sane during that time.

Yakked all the way through dinner, discussing friends and family; lots about our nieces and nephews. It was very enjoyable just chatting - I'd missed that. Hope we can get together again soon.

Foxy's over this weekend. Tonight we picked up Zachary's pizza and yakked until 2am. Enjoyed a bottle of Clos Pegase's Pinot Noir & some of Prager's Aria Port. Tomorrow (well, I guess it's actually today), we're going to hit Dark Carnival and maybe Ikea. I need a new wine rack. I've got bottles stacked on top of bottles plus lots of others which need a home.

I'm sitting here listening to my new wind chimes and they bring me much joy. Thanks Kev!
Tags: bower, friends

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