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The Ducks are out to get me...

I slept through both alarms today.

As I was driving down the long driveway, I had to stop because these two ducks were sitting smack dab in the middle. They wouldn't move. They just quacked at me. I crept closer, but they didn't even blink. I ended up putting the car in park, getting out, and shooing them off the road. They weren't scared at all. I not scary *sigh*

My neighbor just laughed.

I needed some diet pepsi. Desperately. Walked over to the vending machine. "SOLD OUT"
So, I put in more money as the only other caffeine was diet coke in 20 oz bottles. I pushed da button, grabbed the bottle and walked back to my desk. Looked at the bottle because it didn't look right. Diet Coke is not BRIGHT ORANGE. Orange Fanta. 74 carbs per serving - equivalent to 5 pieces of bread. Nope, not drinking it. Not in the mood to screw up my blood sugar. Nope, nope, nope. So, I walked back to the vending machine, put the money back in and CAREFULLY pushed the button for diet coke. Out pops out ORANGE FANTA!!!!!!! GRRRRRR...

One of my coworkers took pity on me and gave me a can of diet coke from her stash... Either I was looking very pitiful *sniff* *sniff* or murderous -grrr argh... =)

Oh, the program changes that I absolutely had to have done today? Not needed!
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