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Walkies for the win?

Walked about 5 miles tonight. Wasn't planning on quite that much.

Tonight was Book Club. Books up for discussion were the first two Sandman books by Neil Gaiman. herefox usually trains up for the discussion, but got stuck at work. Since I didn't need to pick him up at BART, I decided to walk up to Book Club and back. It's about a mile and a quarter one way, and it was nice evening - just a bit on the cool side.

Had a good discussion with Kellie and Tony. We discussed not only the books, but favorite Stephen King stories and movies, comics, e-books, book pushing (Kellie is definitely hooked on Liaden stories! Go me!) and the joys of moving. Kellie & Tony had just moved into a bigger place- same complex, but a back apt up a floor.

So, I walked home, used the key fob to unlock the door. Nope. Front gate did not open. Looked down and realized that I grabbed the wrong keys. This is not the first time I've done this. My work keys and my house keys both have the exact same type of fob.

Walked over to K's, got the spare set and walked back. *sigh*

Sad to hear that Davy Jones had passed away. He was my favorite Monkee. The show came on too late for me to watch it when it first came out, but I've seen all the episodes in re-runs. (I was very envious of my friends who got to watch it, but 8pm was past my bedtime)

The first non-kids record that I had was Monkees Headquarters. I still love that album. Me and my sisters blast it on road trips and sing our hearts out. We're scary that way - just ask herefox.


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Mar. 2nd, 2012 11:05 pm (UTC)
I was very sad about Davy Jones. It feels kind of like part of my childhood is just gone. We used to watch hours of Monkees reruns on afternoon TV when I was in high school. And, honestly, he wasn't that much older than I am.
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