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It's almost 9pm and I really need to make dinner. What I want is more of the pancit & lumpia that I had at Joycie's today. *sigh*

Last Tuesday, I finally started watching AI. Hollywood week. herefox made a tasty spinach broccoli soup served with salad and french bread. Yum. I believe that he's been making me dinner every Tuesday night since AI season 5? (a bribe - usually very tasty!)

Thursday lunch, I spent a full hour at Babys R Us, looking for goddaughter's baby shower gift. I had originally planned on getting her the high chair off her registry, but it has been discontinued. I finally texted her and asked what she really wanted - so our family gift to her is the jog stroller she'd wanted.

Saturday, breakfast with K & Alani; Kyle had a soccer game. Farmers Market. Went looking for some fruit to take to the shower - strawberries and grapes, but didn't see anything that looked good. Was going to pick up grapes at Costco, but just realized this second that I didn't pick up any fruit at all. Ooops.

Stopped by Joycie's and kept her company while she cleaned. Helped a little, but it was more stuff she needed to get done. Then I went to Costco, bought rolls for the shower, forgot the grapes. Picked up a new floor mat for my desk - the current one is cracking apart. Oh, and a new fan. Dang, I can't believe I forgot to pick up the grapes.

Today, went to church with Alani. (Kyle was at a friend's house for a sleepover) Then she and I went over to Joycie's for Laura's baby shower. Helped with set up and then spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with friends - Nancy, Adele, Lisa and Joe Ann. Alani had a great time and didn't want to leave (oooh what a surprise!).


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