Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Day of Remembrance

70 years ago today, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed into law, Executive Order 9066. This order allowed the removal from the West Coast and incarceration of over 120K people - majority were American citizens. They had not committed nor were they convicted of a crime - any crime - just looked like the people the US was at war with.

Mom was 10 years old - the youngest of 9 kids. Grandpa had died in 1937. She and her family first were taken from their home to Walerga Assembly Center. Then they went to Tule Lake. They were eventually moved to Jerome and finally ended up at Rohwer.

Dad was 15 - the youngest of 4. First, his family went to the Tanforan Assembly Center and ended up in Topaz. (If you're ever at the Tanforan Shopping Center in San Bruno, that's the place)

This executive order was not rescinded until February 19, 1976. It was legal for over 30 years.

I wrote a report in 7th grade, and other kids had no idea. When I went to Europe & Austrailia, people my age still didn't know it had happened. I grew up knowing that the word "camp" usually didn't mean summer camp.
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