Debbie (debmats) wrote,

OMG *g*

Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known that on this day that Debbie willing bought 5 brussel sprouts. She plans to roast them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

Whether she actually eats them remains to be seen. Stay tuned...

Today started out with breakfast at Jim's with kidlets and K. Then a trip to the Farmers Market where the aforementioned purchase was made, along with cauliflower, green onions, 9 grain bread, spinach, salad greens, mushrooms and kettle corn.

It was actually errand day - a trip to the bank, Safeway, Trader Joe's, CVS, Daiso and a bit of ice cream at Loard's.

Dinner at Chevy's with K. We were originally going to go to the Texas Roadhouse, but the wait was 2 hours. Even with the "hot sauce", the food was bland to me. *sigh*
Tags: life

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