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Thanksgiving 2011

Actually this year, there were two days of Thanksgiving. Thursday, we had 42 people. Friday, there were 20 over for leftovers. =)

The age range went from 19 months to 91 years - great grandchild to great grandmother - Ciana to Auntie Nobuko =)

There was a gaggle of Shojis - 18 of them including trektone.

I was awakened early by a text message from undinesprite - there is a 3 hour difference, Diney dear =)

Alani was up around 8am and feeling very happy. She'd recovered from her tummy ache of the night before. Kyle slept in - first time in years that he'd missed his early morning computer game fix.

After a pancake breakfast, kidlets plated the finger jello. World War III - "no, that's not the right way to do it!" "Quit challenging me!" Grrrrr. Kyle prevailed and it ended up with a purple bottom row, then blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

In the meantime, I baked the yams, made the Mexican dip and spanakopitas.

Ran late - dropped off food and Kyle around 11:30. Had time for a quick hug from Aaron before he drove off to check the family into their hotel. Alani & I then did the last minute errands - pick up flowers, ice and bottled water. Oh, and stop back at the apt for the Chateau St. Jean Gewurztraminer and the Rossler Pinot Noir. Not the most organized this year.

By 2:30pm, the house was noisy and the food was out and ready to go.

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rice, canned & home made cranberry sauce, gravy, seaweed salad, inari sushi, spam musubi, ham, eggplant parmigiani, yams, rolls, broccoli salad, duck, grilled veggies, shirae, egg rolls, chow mein, and spanakopitas. Other munchies included finger jello, chips, Mexican dip, spinach dip, m'n'm's, dried fruits, almonds, mandarin oranges and persimmons. Desserts: pumpkin pie, banana cream pie, apple pie (both regular and no sugar added), pumpkin spice roll, ice cream (vanilla, chocolate and chocolate mint) and lots of rice krispy treats.

Ring leaders, Kyle & Brendan, led their troops (Guy, Flynn, Luc, Alani, Maeve and London) against big cousins Kenji and Michael. Nerf guns, foam swords and light sabers. Oh dear.

Lots of yakking, laughing, eating and dish washing - the usual. The living room was used for both watching tv and WII playing. Movies were shown in K's room - several kidlets ending up falling asleep on K's bed. Alani made a sign for the door "Shhh! People are sleeping"

Last person left around 9:30. Clean up done by 11:15. Home by 11:30. Then I ended up finishing up washing up the jello pans and the other prep dishes. My feet were tired, and my sprained leg was aching (I managed to sprain calf muscle on Monday), but I was wide awake and happy. Finally went to bed around 1:30am.

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