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It's the end of October. I have survived with sanity intact - for the most part. 4 major projects at work are all LIVE. There are still some fine tuning needed, but the heavy lifting is done. I have not killed anybody, nor has anybody come after me (though, it was close)

This weekend was the first one in two months that I haven't had a deliverable due the following week. I am actually not planning on doing any work. Wowweee!

Last week, Karen, Gayle,the kidlets and I celebrated G's birthday at Halau Ka Liko Pua O Kalamiakea - An Evening of Aloha in San Francisco. Yummy food, lots of singing and dancing and taiko drums. I found out that poi all by itself is icky, but mixed in with kalua pork, it's tasty.

Another evening, we had Korean food at Han Dae Gam - t'was me, K, kidlets and Annie. A little bit leary as Alani is such a picky eater, but she was happy with rice and bbq chicken. Kyle is hooked on the galbi. My favorite is still the Kim che ge (kim chee stew) Most of the dishes were spicy enough for me, but Annie asked for the srirachi sauce - oy!

Thursday, we went to my cousin's memorial service. More on that in another post.

Friday, herefox and I went to Kepler's Books in Menlo Park for an evening with Tamora Pierce. OMG, traffic was horrible getting to Mountain View, and then there was a multiple car accident on El Camino Real which made the 10 minute drive take 30 minutes. Then we had to park. *sigh*. The room was packed (lots of teens!), Kepler's ran out of Mastiff, so Sean was out of luck. I had gotten my copy on Tuesday and had it read by Wednesday (GOOD!!!)

It's always enjoyable to listen to Tamora Pierce. She is very open, answers questions very honestly and has a wry sense of humor. When asked about which characters were not her favorites, she mentioned that Aly didn't always do what she was supposed to do, but she'd given her triplets, so there! Roger, the Duke of Conte, ah well, she killed him off. Twice.

Chatted a bit with our fellow book club buddy, Kellie and her husband, Tony (who had come up to me in the book store and asked "don't I know you?"). Decided not to stick around and get our books signed. Kellie was in group in 6 and I was in group 9...

Foxy & I ended up eating dinner at Iberia, across the train tracks from the book store. Tapas! YUM. We ended up in the back room, listened to some flamenco guitar and munched on datiles endiablados (“deviled”dates: filled with chorizo and wrapped in bacon), grilled artichokes with garlic, ahumados con patatas (smoked trout, bass, herring and potato salad with chives and capers - YUM),grilled mushrooms in garlic-parsley olive oil, and patatas bravas con allioli (spicy fried potatoes with garlic mayonnaise).

Dessert was BLANCO Y NEGRO (creamy frozen meringue flavored with cinnamon and lemon, topped with a shot of espresso) and HIGOS RELLENOS (dried figs poached in port wine and stuffed with a mixture of chopped walnuts, pistachios, and chocolate. Drizzled with a port reduction. - YUM)

Breakfast at Jim's with K, Sean, and kidlets. Leftovers are still in my fridge...

Saw Chess at the Willows in Concord yesterday afternoon with Foxy, toob and jakebe. T'was enjoyable, though there were some technical issues (mikes not picking up low notes for one). The guy who played Freddie (Joseph Brunicardi) was very familiar. Figured out later that I'd seen him in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Especially enjoyed "I Know Him So Well" (Lena Hart & Rebecca Pingree) and "Anthem" (Zachary Franczak)
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