Debbie (debmats) wrote,

WorldCon - Part II

Wednesday, August 17th...
  • Slept in past 11am.
  • Got a call from Steve to meet at the RSCC around noon. ACK! Got there about 15 minutes late.

  • Dropped off the boxes and the banner, wee pepsi cans & juice squeezers (via my suitcase).
  • Angie! Shawna! Steve!

  • Helped with FoL table set up

  • Hot dog for lunch? I think ended up eating just the meat, and skipped the bun as it was falling apart.
  • Costco run after table set up.
    Dropped off candy & trail mix at FoL table.

  • I hit the 4pm - autographing session and Patrick Rothfuss signed my copy of Wise Man's Fear!. Did mention that my then 8 year old niece got a hold of his picture book (oops!) - and loved it!

  • Dinner at Manhattan Deli at Atlantis with Kev, Shawna, Thuy, Angie and Melita.
  • Dinner ran long, so we missed the Tricky Pixie Concert. Passed by mbumby on the way back to RSCC - she was hoping to catch the concert, but too late.

  • Kev & I hung out in Hall 2 for quadrivium's (aka Mary Crowell) Concert. She sang Alcolytes of the Machine which I love! In spite of the lousy acoustics in the hall, really enjoyed her concert.

  • Went back to the Peppermill, rested in the room for a while, went over Thursday's schedule.

  • Late night gambling - lots of good luck. Hit 4 Aces + 2/3/4 for 2000 coins on a quarter double bonus machine ($500). Also hit 4 of a kind 2 more times (250 coins) + 4 Aces (800 coins) - cashed out $675. Hit a bunch of stuff on penny machines - additional $175?
Tags: friends, renovation, worldcon

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