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WorldCon - Part I

So, Tuesday, August 16th, Kev & I drove up to Reno via I80. Stopped for lunch at an In'n'Out just outside of Lincoln - he'd never been to one before. I still think it's just okay =)

Trip up was *interesting*. Major road construction had us splitting off onto part of westbound lanes - you know, spots you normally don't drive - no guard rail on the right and a complete drop off down a cliff? Yeah. I had heard that the delay might be horrific, but we got through with only a bit of a delay. Made up to Reno in less than 4 hours excluding our lunch break.

Arrived at the Peppermill and checked in. Our room in the Peppermill Tower was very nice, though the paintings were sort of over the top. The eyes sort of just *stared* at you in a creepy way. Walking through the casino - I had forgotten just how smokey it is. Ugh.

Drove over to the Reno Sparks Convention Center (RSCC). It is exactly one mile from the hotel to the convention. With the temperatures in the mid-nineties, I decided that walking back and forth was not happening. Picked up our registration packets and started to go through the schedule while we waited for trektone

Went to dinner with Joey to Fuego. Tapas! We shared the tortilla espanola, bacalao, patatas bravas (hey, with Joey, we always get french fries), shrimp torpedos and paella. I know I had the salad special (tasty, but I can't remember what was in it!!) and Kev had the gazpacho. Spanish hot chocolate and churros for dessert! I got a glass of Borsao (me like), but I can't remember what Kev & Joey got.

Went back to the room, checked out the schedule some more, figured out my Costco list and then I went down to gamble for a bit after 11pm. Yeah, until 3am. (note, this would become a pattern) I lost.

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