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Family Vacation 2011, Part IV

Wednesday, July 27th, packed up car, checked out of hotel and then had breakfast at IHOP. Then a quick trip through Downtown Disney to pick up a few things for the kidlets, cookies for coworkers and presents for soon to be seen cousins. Kyle picked up Epic Mickey for the Wii and Star Wars Legos. Alani picked up Jack Skellington and Zero the Dog plushies. She is also due a Build a Bear trip RSN.

Left Claudia to fend for herself in Downtown Disney. She was going to do a bit more shopping, maybe chill out at the pool and then go visit Auntie Hey.

Drove to Playa Del Rey to visit Los Angeles Shoji's - Aaron, Aly, Luc(5) and London (3). Kidlets played a bit of tennis with Aaron. Luc and Kyle went back to the condo to play wii games. Alani & London played in the pool. The rest of us chatted while we chilled by the pool. Surprised Aaron's mom, Ellen when we were leaving and she was arriving *g*.

Dinner in Redondo Beach with cousins Scotty & Laurie at some J-place. Conversation was wonderful, food was so-so. Haven't had a chance to talk to Scotty much, so it was all good. Growing up, we spent a lot of time with Scotty, his sibs, Joanne & Ricky, and Auntie Mako & Uncle Joe. Auntie Mako was Mom's next older sister and they were only a year or so apart in age.

Thursday, we visited with Kim and her kids - Maddy (6), Lizzie (4) and Joe (2). Had a chance to visit with Pam, Kim's Mom too. Alani and the girls had a great time - much sadness when it was time to leave. Kyle spent part of the time playing with his legos. (girl stuff got a bit overwhelming...)

Took Lorie out to dinner - Marie Calendar's cuz everybody wanted pie.

Friday, packed up the car for the final time. On the road by 10am. Lunch at the IHOP in Stockdale. Home by 5pm.

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