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Family Vacation 2011, Part III

Tuesday, July 26th.
Late breakfast at IHOP There had been thoughts about going to Disneyland when it opened at 8am and then go over to CA Adventure at 10am when it opened. Nope. Everybody was a wee bit tired. We walked over to CA Adventure when it opened up. First thing up, Soaring Over CA. While everybody else stood in line, I went over and got us Fastpasses for World of Colors that evening. There was no line, so I was back in a jiffy.

Then we got rode on Grizzly Rapids. Lucky me, I got thoroughly soaked. At least I knew to keep my feet off the floor, so my shoes weren't too wet. The water came up and over and SPLASH *sigh*

Got fastpasses for CA Screamin'. Then Kyle rode Goofy's airplane ride. Mulholland Drive is gone now. So are the free tortillas!!!! *sniff* Alani & I rode the Golden Zephyr. Time for CA Screamin'. Alani & Claudia's first time. Alani screamed the entire ride and then got very quiet once we stopped. It definitely was NOT her favorite ride. I believe this is her first loop de loop roller coaster. Oops... Claudia wasn't too crazy about it either.

Back to the pool. Chill time.

Early dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. Karen decided she'd had enough and she went off to Downtown Disney and the hotel.

Back to CA Adventure. Tower of Terror. Just me and the kidlets. Then it was time to go get in line for World of Color. Kidlets insisted on going down to the splash zone again. G & Claudia stayed up a level. K had given me her rain jacket and rain poncho, so the kidlets were covered. Shiny!!! Show had changed - less fire (No Legend of Bald Mountain) and no fire hose shooting water this time, though we did get wet. Mist for the most part, but there were times when the fountains of water splashed the splash zone. =)

G & Claudia went back to the hotel or Downtown Disney. Me and the kidlets went back to Disneyland and closed out the park again. I think the last ride the kidlets rode were the Rocket Ships. (Space Mountain closed at 10pm and the line for Star Tours was over an hour)
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