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Family Vacation 2011, Part II

On Sunday, before we went to Auntie Hey's, we stopped at the local mall. G needed a swim suit, so we all split up for a quick bit of shopping. K wanted to do a bit of shopping on her own, so the kidlets and I hung out. Mall wasn't quite open yet, so we window shopped and figured out which shops we wanted to hit.

We waited outside of the Disney Store. Alani was chosen to "turn the magic key and open the store". T'was cute, and Alani received a souvenir key to keep which made her very happy. =) Picked up one more adult 2 day hopper (didn't know that G was going for sure until Friday morning). Then Kyle went off to X-treme Sports and GameStop. Alani & I went to Claire's and another girlie store for hair clips. Met up with Kyle and walked back to the Hallmark store so I could pick up the newest Star Trek ship ornament. Then met up with K & G and off to Sakura-ya (MANJU YUM!) and Auntie Hey's.

So, Monday, July 25th, we were out of the room by 7:15am and had a quick & free breakfast in the hotel. Waffles, omelets, yogurt, bacon, sausage and bagels... Actually, the hotel also had some kind of free dinner included, but we didn't make it on either days =)

Disneyland! Space Mountain was temporarily closed, so we rode on the "new" Space Tours. Better technology! Instead of crazy robot driving, t'was C3PO. Ride was not as jerky, though it is still not one of my favorite rides. The ride is no longer the same each time, different adventures! The one that we got was that we must get the IMPORTANT REBEL SPY back to base. The picture of this spy was flashed on the main view screen - t'was KYLE! This sent the entire family (me, K, G, Kyle, Alani and Claudia) into giggles. Hee hee! K & Kyle rode the ride later on and had an undersea adventure...

Let's see, Thunder Mountain Railway, Pirates, Splash Mountain, Tarzan, Haunted Mansion and a fastpass for Indiana Jones for 6pm. It was about 1:30 at this time and the park was getting crowded, so we exited the park. Lunch at Captain Kidd's. Buffet only now. After lunch, kidlets & I went swimming. G crashed for a while. K & Claudia rested too?

Back to the park. Space Mountain. Indiana Jones, Thunder Mountain. Dinner in the park at Village Haus Restaurant (aka Tangled) Watched a bit of the fireworks, but the kids would rather ride stuff instead. We split off. I think Alani & I did Tiki Room & Thunder Mountain. Kyle & K did Space Tours and AstroBlasters. We all closed out the park.
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