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Family Vacation 2011, Part I

Friday, July 22nd, a certain person overslept, so we didn't get on the road until 7am. I was ragged on by both sisters and kidlets "leave at 6am, right..."

Unventful trip down 5. Lunch at The Iron Skillet. At one point, I lost control of the stereo and had to listen to Kids Bop sing The Beatles. ARrrrgggghh!

Lorie's! Relaxed the rest of the day. Pizza dinner - Sy joined us. Yakking and then we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I.

Saturday, met up with K's friend Mai (aka Dr. Frankenstein) and had dim sum at NBC Seafood Restaurant. It was packed and Alani was thirsty, so the kidlets and I walked over to Subway for drinks while we waited. We did get in fairly quickly and there was much yakking and munching. Yum!

Then K, G, kidlets, Lorie, Sy and I saw HP:tDH2. For me, it was the third time in the week (Sunday, Monday & Saturday). I really liked it. Ended up watching the last half an hour in the entrance way. Sy doesn't see well in dim lights and had to use the benjo, so I ended up escorting her out.

There were thoughts of going to The Boiling Crab for dinner, but it was packed. Ended up doing take out from Shaka's instead.

Sunday, we had a lovely visit with Auntie Hey. Everybody was busy, so it was just us, Auntie Hey and later on, Heidi. Auntie is doing okay, about as well as can be expected. She still has a magic fridge, so we munched all afternoon.

About 4:42pm, on Sunday, June 24th, somewhere on the Artesia Freeway (91) between Gardena and Disneyland, Eeyore II hit 200K miles. Go EII!!!

Checked into rooms 145 & 146 at The Park Vue Inn across the street from Disneyland. Kidlets swam for a couple of hours. Kidlets met up with a family from Austrailia with kids about the same age. The Father had his son, Jacob and Kyle racing across the pool to the different pool markings. Yay! Both boys would sleep well! Alani and Emma had a good time too.

Cousin Claudia joined us during this time.
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