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Midwest BowerCon

Now that it's August, I guess it's time to post about what I did in July...

5:45am flights which get you to Indiana by 2:30pm are wonderful in theory, but a royal pain to implement! Out the door by 4am, car dropped off at the off site parking lot, checked in before 4:30am. Had to go through the new x-ray machine. "Lift your arms up". Yeah right. Arms do not stretch straight up anymore. All done. Egg sandwich at Subway for breakfast. Uneventful trip across country - slept most of the way.

Picked up suitcase and waited for pick up. tammy_g! pezazul! an_sceal! marigot! clsinstl! undinesprite! YAY!!!

Quick lunch at The Tamale Place. Yum. Pork & cheese tamale with green sauce! Then we went off to the new glass studios where Samma gave us a demo in hard (?) glass by making a lovely heart. Then several of us were very bad and bought OOH SHINY beads from her.

Onto Tammy's where we yakked and munched. (This sequence was repeated all weekend long) Kev's stash of beads was raided too. Nebula bead was finally mine!

Diney showed us how to spin poi. I did not manage to kill myself, though there were several bonks (not boinks)!

I believe we finally went to sleep around 3:00am??

Saturday brunch was the Erik Estrada Strata (ham and cheese?) with salad. T'was yummy. Yakking until dinner at The Loft with an ice cream appetizer. Scallops were tasty! After dinner, we went shopping in near by Carmel (or was it Zion?). Spent much time in one gallery, partially because of the nifty art and partially because it had a lovely bathroom. (Note to self: Too much dairy is a bad thing.)

Back to Tammy's for more yakking. I believe we gave up sometime closer to 4am.

Sunday - brunch and I can't remember exactly what kind of strata, but it was tasty. Another day of yakking =) Early dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Then they dropped me off at the airport. Uneventful trip home. Picked up the car and home by midnight.

Thank you tammy_g!!!
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