Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Back from tormenting da fwish

Well, managed to get stuff done for work, turkey invites out, turkey invite posted to web page, suitcase packed and 3 hours of sleep. Go Me!

Uneventful trip out to St. Louis. Slept from Oakland to Salt Lake City and wrote NaNoWriMo story from SLC to St. Louis. pezazul picked me up after work and we met Ericka, Greg, Jen, Naomi and Jen's mom Rosemary for dinner at Seiki Sui's for dinner. Jen, Naomi & Rosemary had a very limited exposure to sushi and things japanese, so they were game to try just about anything. So we ordered lots of sushi (not too exotic - CA roll, PA roll, kappa maki, unagi, ume, negihama, spicy tuna) and lots of tempura (yay shishito!!!). Rosemary was brave enough to try tako from my chirashi and actually liked it. The three of them are now hooked on edamame - we went through two orders worth. After dinner, we hit a wine bar - got to try a gewurtraminer and a lovely port - both of which I can't remember who made them. *sigh*

Saturday, slept in until 10 or so. Was talking to Kev a bit while he was on the computer. Had to have some dp before I could get into the whole business of getting ready for the day. Walked back through the living room, and glanced into the sun room Kev was still there. Then I heard noises from the kitchen - fridge opening, something being poured. Then Kev walked into the living room. Hey... wait a sec! If Kev was there, then who was in the sun room??? That was my introduction to Christopher. People will be happy to know that I did not need to use my baseball bat on Christopher and he's good folk.

The three of us went out for Dim Sum for brunch. I had definitely been craving it. Then we went out to Costco for a wee bit of shopping - Kev was planning on a get together for Sunday night, so munchies were must. Dropped off Christopher and Kev & I went to see the local repetory company perform My Fair Lady. I really enjoyed it - had never seen it live before. Spent the rest of the evening humming snippets. I do love Street Where She Lives, Just You Wait, Henry Higgins and I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face. Liked how they ended it - in the movie, Eliza brings Henry Higgins his slippers - in the play she just gave him a quick look, sat down at the desk and put her feet up. Went to Modesto's for tapas and paella. It was very packed, but after waiting almost an hour, we got table in the corner. Yummmm sangria.

Sunday, more food. Kev, Christopher and I went to the Ameristar Casino for champagne brunch buffet and some gambling. I'd been dying to go gambling. Did okay - found a machine towards the end that gave me a $100 jackpot and a $50 jackpot, so I came out just down less than $50. Missouri has some interesting gaming laws. You have to register like you do here for a slot card - but you HAVE to use the card to 1) enter the casino and 2)play on any machine. You can't even put money into a machine unless the card is there first. They track you to make sure that you haven't lost more than a certain amount. Blows my hit and run strategy. Oh, and no coins fall out, you get little bar coded slips of paper that has the amount you're due.

Went out to historic St. Charles shopping area and did some xmas shopping. Bought mostly stocking stuffers - nothing struck my fancy for a big gift.

Back to Kev's. Napped a bit, I think. People were coming over at 7, so there was time to get things ready. Extra vacuuming since Greg is allergic to cats. Pissed Lillie off - tried petting her, but ended up giving her shocks by accident. Oops.

Ended up trying 4 different wines - Clos Pegase Mistuko's Vineyard Chardonnay, Chateau St. Jean's Gewurztraminer (yum) and a Fume Blanc. Finished up with Rosenblum's Late Harvest Vognier. 3 people voted for the Rams vs Ravens football game, so in between plays, we played charades. Musicals was the category - it was very interesting to watch somebody slight blitzed try to get everybody to guess "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas". Much giggles.

Monday... what did I do Monday? Sleep in for sure. Ended up at St. Louis Bread Company for lunch, though what did we do in the afternoon? Oh yeah, we went to the Botanical Gardens. Very few people around so it was a peaceful stroll through the different gardens. Didn't get too lost in the maze. Enjoyed the Japanese garden very much - very serene. Ended up back at the gift shop where I spent a good amount of time trying all the different wind chimes. Finally picked one out and Kev bought it for me to replace the one that went missing due to dang painters. Thanks Kev!

Dinner was at Bahama Breeze - I had paella again. Kev had the catfish special and Christopher had the beef and pork kabobs. The fried plantains with spicy chicken appetizer was great as was the meat empanada thingies. I'm really beginning to like mojitos. More yum.

Christopher and I had been trading Finding Nemo quotes for the last few days, so we had to make Kev watch it that night. Kev had never seen it, poor guy. This is what happens when you have no little ones around to make you watch the important movies. I do like Dory.

Tuesday, after yet another late start, went to the jewelry store I like at the Loop. Didn't find anything new that I had to have (love their fused glass jewelry) though I did see some gorgeous blown glass bowls. Too expensive *sigh* Quick trip to a toy store, but I didn't find anything for da kiddies. Ended up picking them up yet another St. Louis t-shirt at the airport.

Flight home was uneventful, got into Oakland a few minutes early. Did not do any writing on the plane. Bad Me! Did read two more of J.D. Robb's Eve Dallas mysteries.

Waited for Karen's plane to get in. Hers was late. Took a cab back to her place. Cab driver went on and on about how japanese women make the best wives. Couldn't get it through his head that our grandparents were from japan and in fact, our family had been here over 100 years. He first said he was chinese because he didn't want to scare us. He later admitted to being from Afghanistan. He was not married. I wonder why? I am so glad it's less than a 4 mile trip from the airport.

Quick dinner at MacDonald's and then home.
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