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Iz fried

Oh yeah, I'm fried.

Busy weekend. Busy week actually...

Sunday, I did some house cleaning, lots of laundry and other odds and ends. Then I picked up the kidlets and took them to the movies (mainly because there is air conditioning there and none in my apt). Saw Cars 2. It was okay. I still haven't seen the first Cars movie.

Today, I picked up K and kidlets and we found a spot on Otis Drive in front of Wells Fargo Bank to watch the parade. T'was extremely sunny. Got there around 9am and the parade started at 10am, but wouldn't get to our area until 10:30. Cheered on the 4th of July Racers. Kyle and I played 21, War (I won!) and poker while we were waiting. Alani & Karen listened to K's ipod.

Hey, our church had a float this year! Taiko and Obon dancing! Wonder where they got the huge flatbed semi? No helicopters this year. At least three horse groups. Once of the reasons why we moved further down Otis this year was to hear more of the bands. At our usual spot at the Grand & Otis, the bands are in move mode as they make the turn onto Grand. The other reason was so that the kidlets wouldn't be tempted into going to the fun fair at Rittler Park.

Just under 150 entries (sometimes it's been over 200 and it gets REALLY LONG) and we cheered the street sweeper at the end.

Quick lunch at Applebee's, then the kidlets came over to swim for a couple of hours. I just kept my feet in the pool and read Saltation. So, even more sun - but spf 30 and I'm okay, just fried.

Tuesday, I did my annual Survived the First 6 Months with the City celebration. Added waffles to the menu and dropped the muffins. Waffle iron was a bit uncooperative, but by the end, it was okay. Made the usual amount of stuff, but there were less people, so lots of leftovers. Retirements and Lay offs. Morale is not the greatest.
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