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Satuday Fun

Day started out with Keoki-chan calling me at EXACTLY 8am to ask if I wanted to go to breakfast (aka take THEM out for breakfast). He knows that he's not supposed to call me before 8am, so he's been timing it just so.

K, kidlets and I had breakfast at Jim's (Alani will now eat hash browns). Then K & I hit the Farmers Market for weekly fruit & veggie stash. FIGS! yum.

Took G's car to be smogged. Wasn't sure whether it would actually pass or not, but it did. YAY! While we were waiting for car to be tested, Alani & I walked down to Yogofina for a quick snack. Can I just say that chocolate mint yogurt is tasty. Alani got her usual dark chocolate and covered it with m'n'ms, chocolate cips, and a few gum balls for afters.

Picked up K & kidlets and met up with a bunch of K's coworkers. A's vs Diamond Backs! Plus fireworks! One of coworker's sons, 8 year old Jeffrey, had never been to a game. He had a blast - he patrolled our area, glove on hand, waiting for that foul ball to come our way. Much junk was consumed - Christine ate mustard with a hot dog on the side (what a mess *g*), nachos, garlic fries, chips, cookies, popcorn chicken, cotton candy, frozen lemonade... Diet PEPSI was unavailable at the concession stands in our area. AUGH!!! It is very ironic when you end up taking your diabetes meds with a sip of regular soda. I did manage to get a bottle of dp later but it was expensive! ($4.75 for a 20oz bottle) *sigh*

All the kids had a great time. A's lost *sniff* Fireworks were awesome! SHINEY!!!

It did take 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot. It was much easier when I had season ticket holder parking.
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