Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Got Eeyore II back from the dealership. Air Conditioning problem fixed with a simple recharge, though they did add some dye to the freon so that they could possibly track a leak problem. Cost including 5K maintenance (going on vacation next month and all) just over $300. YAY! Froze all the way home yesterday.

So, Slither at the Museum was a lot of fun. About 200 people participated and considering how big the California Academy of Sciences is - it felt fairly empty. Watched two shows in the planetarium, went through the Rainforest biosphere (I swear, some of the butterflies are bigger than some of the birds), looked at the snakes, the lizards and other slithering reptiles, and peacefully watched the fishies, jellyfish and other denizens of the aquarium. Made sure to say hello to Claude.

Alani did not want to pet the snakes, neither did Kyle.

Spent much time at the penguin area. Alani had a nice chat with the docent there.
Late night snack of cookies and fruit (there were even graham cracker cookies in the shapes of turtles!).

The staff provided ear plugs for anybody who wanted them.

After much arguing, we decided to sleep in The African Hall - penguins at one end and dioramas on both length side walls. Zebras, leopards, elephants, lions, gazelles, gnus and more. First choice was to sleep by the penguins, 2nd was underneath the leopard tree and 3rd was by the lions. We ended up by the lions which made Alani happy. Unfortunately, the family next to us? OMG, I thought Amado was bad. The father snored soooo LOUD (at least he didn't stop breathing), we could hear it through ear plugs. Did not sleep very well. I think he finally turned over or something because it wasn't as bad later on.

According to the kidlets, the man snored way louder than S & G combined.

11pm lights out. I was sooo not ready to sleep. Plus the snorer was one of the first out. Kidlets needed to be accompanied by adult when they went to the bathroom, so there were at least two trips to the bathroom during the night. 6:30am wake up. Ugh =)

Packed up all the stuff and dumped it in the holding area. Then breakfast of pancakes, eggs, cereal, fruit, zucchini bread and coffee cake. Picked up our gear, loaded up the van and were on the way home by 8am.

Kidlets had a blast. Next time, they'll bring their own ear plugs (heavy duty airplane kind)
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