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Relay for Life 2011 - recap

We raised over 130K and there were over 500 registered participants.

Shout outs to tammy_g, filkerdave, greenmtnboy18, trektone, an_sceal, lilacfairy and pezazul!

Thank you all very much!

After a quick breakfast at Old MacDonald's, Alani and I made it to Relay around 9:30. Found a parking space across the street and loaded up the dolly with the first batch of stuff.

This year, it was a combined team - Redwood City employees (well, 3 of us) and the the Teen Advisory Board - lots of teens from the Redwood City/Woodside High Schools. Everything was pretty much set up - the popcorn and the snow cone machines. JP had to get a replacement electrical strip as running both machines via the generator caused the breaker to flip.

Cheered the walkers during the opening Survivors' lap. Lots of familiar faces.

Alani & I got the tent up, and the Memory Board. Kyle & K arrived around 11am. Kyle jumped right in with the teens to make snow cones. The teens were great with the kidlets - I really appreciated how nice the teens were. Alani had a blast with the "big girls".

Around 11:30, Alani & I headed to the Court House Square. The Pet Parade and Pet Fair. Made sure we got there early this year. (last year, my name was MUD because I had promised we'd go and we got busy on site and missed it. OOPS.) Alani loved all the dressed up pets, the petting zoo (chickens, goats, bunnies, ducks...) and visiting with kittens, puppies, chinchillas, guinea pigs, afghan hounds, a mastiff (*HUGE*) and shopping.

Walked laps. Late lunch at Max's. G joined us about half way through. Wasn't sure the kidlets would be hungry as they'd been munching on snow cones. Kyle swore he'd only had 3 all day long, but I think he lost count.

The day was sunny, but cool, breezy - had been worried because it had been raining during the week.

Talked with Magda - her family team was next door to ours. She's doing well, working for another City on a contract basis. It was such a shock when she was laid off in January - she'd been with the City forever. Her son Goyo (Gregory) is the same age as Kyle and boy has he shot up. He's taller than I am, taller than Magda. Oy! He usually helps out with the snow cones, but this year, his family team was selling stuff.

Firefighters cooked dinner as usual. Hamburgers, veggie burgers, chicken patties and hot dogs. The slight burned hot dog was delicious!

Luminaria Ceremony was heart tugging as usual. Between the three of us, I think we had about 25 or more luminarias. Kyle even did one for "Grama Miko". Alani, K & G went to town decorating their luminarias. Kyle's friend, Reece and mom Lynn came. Several of K's friends came. Katherine's husband lost his fight a few months ago, so this was her first Relay. Another friend came and part way through the night, her husband's luminaria partially went up in flames. T'was the wind.

Alani & I walked and we greeted Grandma Miko, Great Grandpa Kumazo, relatives, friends and cheered for Auntie K.

Instead of having the HOPE/CURE luminarias out on the field, they put them up on risers. It made it stand out.

Skip came by around 11 and walked a lap or two with me. K & G left soon after.

Kyle was still going strong but was running out of gas. Alani had fallen asleep in one of the beach chairs. She'd gotten her sweatshirt wet, so she'd put on one of mine and snuggled up in it. She did want to stay up with the big kids...

For the first time in years, I didn't have to worry about late night coverage. The teens had everything covered, so I just crawled into bed after midnight.

Was woken up around 5:30 by people talking. Finally gave up and got up around 6:30. Started cleaning stuff up. Alani woke up around 7:00 and was *starving*. The firefighters were going to serve pancakes, but that wouldn't be for another hour. *Somebody* ended up with a candy bar for breakfast.

I had been worried about how Alani was going to handle portapotties, but she did fine. It helped that the weather had been on the cool side. I think there were fewer people this year too.

Finally woke Kyle up at 8. Broke down the tent, packed up the car and then went around collecting the luminarias that we wanted to keep.

We left around 9 - had to get home because Alani had a birthday party at 11:30. We all had a good time and the kidlets want to do this again next year =)

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