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It's a bit wet outside...

Spring? 3 weeks out from Summer? Uh huh.
It's POURING right now.

Alani had a sleepover last night. I told her she could play on her games page for two hours and then it was time for bed. (you MUST be VERY CAREFUL with the URL). Fortunately for her, but unfortunately for me, I took a 3 hour nap - it's been a long week and all.

No Kyle - he had a sleepover with ever since kindergarten buddy, Nathan. Supposedly he has an 11am soccer game this morning, but "it's pouring".

Breakfast at Southshore Cafe.

I'm currently reading seanan_mcguire's Deadline. I had an OMG moment and really wished I could chat with somebody RIGHT then, but it was almost 3am. I ended up emailing herefox...

Have been listening to hsifyppah's song My Time Again. Teared up when I read the lyrics and the tune is haunting. I was at least 100 pages into Deadline at that point and it just captures that feeling. Yeah, and it's been on earworm all night.

Alani has been informed that "Auntie Debbie is READING this weekend", so she'll keep herself occupied...

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