Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The week...

I'm fried.

Saturday, brunch with K & Alani (Kyle had a soccer game) followed by a movie - Rio (cute) and then some retail therapy at the Container Store and dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

Sunday, the kidlets and I went up to the Buena Vista United Methodist Chuch's Spring Bazaar. They have the best chicken teriyaki, but our church has the better curry rice *g*. Tatsumaki Taiko played for half an hour, so we got front row seats as K played =)

Tuesday was pizza, AI and silliness with herefox

Wednesday, I worked half day, then K, G & I drove down to Gardena. No A/C as it died on the way down. *sigh* *sigh* ugh. Just one stop - gas and then dinner at Iron Skillet. We had much giggles to "You can tell this is a Japanese hotel because..." The ceilings were low, as were the counters, etc. Low end j-hotel. I think my gym towels were fluffier.

Late night chat with Claudia, Patty, Skip and Auntie Clara.

Thursday, j-breakfast at the hotel ($2!) - miso soup, rice, saba, poached egg, cucumber salad, tsukemono and tea. We sat with Claudia and Carlos. Then a quick bit of shopping at Marukai across the street.

Uncle Mits' funeral was held at 11am at the Gardena Buddhist Church. Auntie Hey just looked lost when she had a moment or two alone. They'd been married for 55 years. He'd been sick off and on for the past 5-6 years, the last bit with congestive heart failure.

In-urnment? (not a burial) service was held at the Green Hills Memorial Park. Late lunch was held at the Happa Restaurant (at our hotel and same place we had the reception after Rick's service)

Chance to yak with cousins, extended relatives (My! You look just like your mom) and family friends. Got to meet 20 month old Rylee (cutie!). Hadn't seen her mom, Debbie in eons. Darrin and Akemi's kids: Joey's 10, Scotty's 8 and Akemi is 3. LOTS of kids running around. Disappointment because Kyle and Alani weren't there. Aaron & Aly and kids will be at Thanksgiving!

Left Gardena around 4pm and drove straight through. Even with rush hour traffic, we made it home by 10:30pm.

Uncle Mits' obituary
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