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Please keep Uncle Mits in your thoughts and prayers. He's at home, under hospice care. It will be over soon. My cousin says "it's just tough" *sigh*

As I've mentioned before, this year has been harder to get up the energy for Relay, but on Tuesday, I had my annual Ice Cream social fund raiser. Turnout was sparser than usual. The RCMEA (Management Employees Association) negotiation meeting ran over 2 hours. (I had to leave at 1:30 in order to set up for the social). Still, we raised over $200!

Vanilla ice cream and nonfat vanilla frozen yogurt. Hot fudge, strawberry, chocolate, and caramel syrups; pineapple topping, m'n'm's, Reeses Pieces, marshmallows, grape nuts, nuts, and cherries. Fruits: bananas, honey dew, canteloupe, watermelon, grapes, pineapple and blackberries. Lots of whipped cream!

One of the interns came back 4 times - twice for ice cream, once for a root beer float and the final time to take pictures of the spread =)

Work has been busy - we're down to 3 software developers. Laure still pops in once in a while, but she'll soon be moved back to France *sniff* Interviews for either an Analyst 2 or Senior will start in two weeks or so.

We're in negotiations, hence the long meeting, more perhaps in another post. There are some definite sides.

Friday, had dinner with trekone at Lake Chalet. Neither of us had been there before. Oysters! Yum. 3-4 types from WA, Hood Canal, Kumamoto, and one other that I really liked. Three types of ceviche - shrimp, ahi tuna and sea bass - tasty, but we've both had better. Fenton's for dessert. Yay for pomogranate ice cream! I dumped a bunch of work stuff on poor Joey. We also chatted about missing our moms. The whole "Mother's Day" deluge of ads is still very hard to handle.

Saturday, Alani and I had breakfast at Southshore Cafe - ran into Joycie and Ron (one table over) for a quick chat. Then K, Alani & I hit the Farmers Market for stuff for Easter.

Easter was low key. The kidlets colored eggs - Kyle used the Star Wars egg decorating kit that I won at Consonance last year. Liz joined us for a Honey Baked Ham and grilled salmon dinner with scalloped and roasted herb potatoes, rice, asparagus, salad and fruit. Gluten free chocolate cake for dessert. Yummy. As no eggs were hidden, Alani decided to have a stuffed animal hunt where she hid them all over the living and dining room, and the adults had to find them. Liz won. *sniff* *g*. There was one plushie under the coffee table and we both went for it, but she got to it first. *darn*
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