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In Memory of Mom - American Cancer Society's Relay for Life

Happy 80th Birthday Mom!!!

There are some years when it's been very hard to get up the energy for Relay. This is definitely one of those years. In part, it's because K was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and has gone through surgery and radiation therapy and all the stress and worry. I know another friend who had just lost a parent to cancer - and remembering all the anger and sadness - ya know? I know we're making a difference, but like Veruca Salt, "I WANT IT NOW".

The theme for Relay has been "More Birthdays". This is the 16th birthday that I have not been able to celebrate with Mom. I miss her - SO MUCH. I did get to celebrate K's birthday - thankfully, in her case, the cancer was found during her annual screening and it was caught very, very early. I plan on celebrating with K for a very long time.

So in Mom's memory and in honor of K, I will be walking in Relay For Life - the annual fund raiser for the American Cancer Society.

Team Redwood City will be selling snow cones (I think. The Teen Advisory Team will be washing cars too) and we'll all be walking at some point over the 24 hours of the relay. Please come and join us! (I'll be there the entire 24 hours, joined by my sisters and kidlets) The Luminaria Ceremony is at dusk - hundreds of luminarias will be lit and will continue to glow all night long. Every year, I read all the messages on the luminarias - happy & sad - I remember all the people I've lost to cancer - and those who are still fighting it.

American Cancer Society – Relay for Life
May 21-22, 2011 from 10am Saturday to 10am Sunday
Sequoia High School 1201 Brewster Ave Redwood City, CA 94401

We walk to raise money for research and services.

I walk in memory of Mom, Grandpa, Auntie Mako, Uncle Joe, Uncle Tosh, Irene, Emi, Dad Burns, Jenny, Rick, Barbara Greene, Vicki Brown, Genie Fon, Dale Switzer, Christine Chen, Bernard Potter and so many others.

I walk in honor and support of my many friends and family who are fighting cancer.

Donations of any demonination are welcome and very much appreciated! My donation page can be found here.

If you'd like a luminaria in memory or in support of a loved one, click on the luminaria button on my page, or let me know.

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