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I hadn't read Patrick Rothfuss' Name of the Wind since it came out. I'd forgotten how much joy I got from reading it. It was almost like reading it brand new and discovering a fantastic story for the first time. Now on to Wise Man's Fear...

Kidlets have a sleep over today. G is assisting in a Venezuelan Dinner for Joaquin Miller with a bunch of her good friends. Breakfast at Southshore Cafe. Today's fun was going to see Wimpy Kid 2. Dinner was low key - raid the fridge and easy cook stuff - Kyle had chicken udon, Alani had rice and ham and I had jook. Kids are watching the Xenosaga 1 movie and playing legos.

G came by earlier to raid my apt for stuff for International Day display. Everything from Broadway playbills, American Indian drum from Taos, my Don Quixote plate from Spain, maps of Oslo and Austrailia and lots of postcards. I collect postcards from everywhere I've been. (Mostly because I can't get the photo I want)
It was fun going through my souvenier box.
  • A program with a very young Colin Firth on the cover from "Another Country" that I saw instead of Agatha Christie's Mousetrap in London - May, 1983.
  • The itinerary for an overnight trip (aboard a ship) to Oslo. The buffet, the disco (urk), and other things to do
  • My first Les Mis program (NYC, 1988)
  • A program from Wesley's first high school musical
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