Debbie (debmats) wrote,

eskimo kisses

Finding Nemo hit the stores yesterday. I, of course, being a good auntie, went to Costco and picked up 3 copies. One for my place, one for Karen's and one for Kyle & Alani's.

Had i-m'd Gayle yesterday to let her know that I had a copy for them.

Figured that I had better drop off the dvd tonight because I would be home late tomorrow and am flying out on Friday to torment da fwish. I could just guess how Kyle would ask his mom & dad about when he'd get the dvd.

Auntie.Debbie.Brings.DVD = "NO"
Until Auntie.Debbie.Brings.DVD = "YES"
Print "Mommy, when are we going to get Finding Nemo?"
Print "When Auntie Debbie brings it over"
Wait 5

Oooh program bug. Variable never checked for change. Infinite loop. Yup, that's Kyle *grin*

Drove out to their place, and knocked on the door. Was greeted by a very happy Alani - she toddled up to me for a quick dakko-dakko (pick me up please) and an eskimo kiss. Lots of eskimo kisses and giggles. *heart sigh*. Kyle ran up and gave me a hug and kiss and took off with the dvd. At least I got the hugs first.
Tags: family, kids

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