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Alani's Dim Sum Adventure & Kyle Does Shredding

Reason #441 - How to tell it's a Monday: You put your hand under the automatic soap dispenser, hear the soap dispense and see the soap plop to the counter. It takes a bit to figure out that your hand was close enough to trigger the dispenser, but not close enough to catch the soap.

Friday, I ended up with the kidlets. Dinner at Applebee's. Alani spent the evening playing on (make sure to type in "games" otherwise you get the WRONG PAGE). Kyle spent the evening playing games on the wii.

At bedtime, Alani & I read Rumer Godden's Miss Happiness and Miss Flower to each other. This was one of my favorite books as a kid.

Saturday morning, it was Kyle's turn on the pc. Alani watched the Sound of Music on video tape (a bit scrtachy - it's been played a LOT). I was surprised that I hadn't gotten it on dvd and quickly fixed that with a visit to amazon. Nobody wanted to get dressed.

Lunch was interesting. Alani said she wasn't hungry and didn't want to go out. K wanted to go with us, the plan was to drop Alani off at home and pick up K. So we're ready to go to dim sum, when Alani says she wasn't hungry, but she'd go with us. Then, we get to the restaurant and guess who says she's hungry? The picky eater and all? Oy.

Kyle is all of joy having dim sum. Thankfully, Alani was willing to try a few things. *SHOCK* She really likes the pork ribs, sesame balls, the stacked green jello and the outside of a char siu bow. And there's always rice. There was a dish with udon noodles, but she wouldn't touch it. I'm trying to remember what else she tried, but she definitely gets a gold star.

Dropped off kidlets in time for S to pick them up. Then K & I did some retail therapy at Costco.

Started re-reading Name of the Wind, but fell asleep. Missed cadhla's mad book party and Kristoph and Margaret's Celtic concert at High Street Station. Oh well. I had been pretty sure I wasn't going to make it to SF in the rain, but High Street Station is less than a 10 minute drive.

Kyle slept over Sunday night. He was supposed to take the couch, but I found him all comfy in my bed, so I got the couch. Monday, Kyle spent the entire day shredding documents at my work - boxes of documents. Community Service hours and all.

Kyle Does Shredding Kyle Does Shredding
Kyle's shredding at RWC on 03-21-11

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