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Sleep, perchance to dream

Yeah, right.

My sleep schedule this week has been royally messed up. Starting with Sunday evening - my system was wonky due to getting ready for Monday's test. Plus, I was afraid I'd oversleep, so what sleep I did get wasn't great.

Monday, I ended up napping in the afternoon, which then messed up Monday night's sleep.

Tuesday, I could have used another hour or two.

Wednesday, I again made the mistake of a taking a nap after work - headache - I can't take any aspirin or advil for another week or so. Woke up around 8:30 pm. Tried to sleep, but was wide awake at 1am. Finally doze off and guess what? Nightmare woke me up big time at 3:15am. Did finally drop off, and slept through both alarms this morning. Did make it to work only 20 minutes late. *sigh*

Theatreworks show The North Pool, so no early night. The show's gotten good reviews, so we'll see...
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