Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Sunday at Consonance

Sunday, brunch again at the hotel. Then we did some mall walking at New Park Mall. In my case, according to herefox, it was more like mall tripping. Mall stumbling? *sigh* Most of the stores weren't open yet, so it was just window shopping. I miss that the Disney store isn't carrying more adult clothing. I haven't bought a new Disney sweatshirt in years. Also hit the Farmers Market. Several of the vendors who are at the Bayfair market on Saturday are at the New Park Mall one on Sunday. Veggies for the week!

Note to self: I did buy next year's Consonance membership.

Concerts! Admiral Naismith (Andrew Ross), more Twofers, Paul Kwinn and the Bohnhoffs. Well, now we all know ohiblather's full name thanks to Paul. hee hee. Good thing neither end of a flute ends in a point. Safer for all, I think. I loved it when Debbie said "Stop singing along!" I had that song stuck in my head Sunday evening.

Can't remember if Rebecca Newman sang her "if only I could myself as others do" song on Saturday or Sunday. Whichever, I still like it.

I finished a dish cloth! Woowee! It's of course, a trapezoid. *sigh*

I spent most of the weekend either too hot or too cold - and I wasn't even running a temp.
Tags: consonance

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