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Consonance, con't.

Saturday started out with brunch at the hotel. Then we headed over to JoAnn's in search of more yarn. This year, I decided to do something crafty during the concerts. The night before, I'd picked out a pattern for a ripple afghan in blue, yellow and dark blue. Afer trying out the pattern and making a mess, I decided to pick up beginner pattern and maybe start out with wash cloths instead. If nothing else, I did learn how to roll the yarn into a ball where you pull from the inside.

In the same shopping mall, we hit Half Price Books and a mattress store. I still owe the kidlets new beds.

Concerts! Harmony Heifers! Love the song, Harmony Heifers too =) Leather Pants of Evil...
Twofers - why can't I remember anything?
Interfilk guest: Denise Gendron. I liked Answers, Safe Journey and then there was the Chacogo..
I am now the proud of owner of her third cd and I've got the first two on order.

Interfilk auction. Oh dear. I saw something on the auction table and my inner Smeagol took over. Wants it I do. Mine. artbeco had made a gorgeous journal. Absolutely beautiful. Cloth covered in blues with a ceramic button closure, archival paper, hand bound with awesome drawings on alternate pages. YESSSS, WANTS IT. Unfortunately, I was not the only one whose inner Smeagol was out - so was johno's. Uh oh.

Because I had an obsession for the journal, I was not able to bid on any of the other nifty items. cadhla had donated a "tuckerization" in one of her upcoming books. "You will probably die badly" was how she described it. trektone was the eventual winner. Pomogranite liquor, Blackberry brandy, cds, a FILK U sweatshirt. Sweatshirt, of course I would have bid on it, BUT I only had eyes for the journal.

I got into a bidding war with johno. I put out my max bid. If he'd topped that one, then... BUT, he didn't. MINE! The journal was MINE! Really, I wasn't petting it afterwards. I did ooh and aah over the drawings though.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant. It wasn't as good as I remembered from last year. herefox and I did get complimented on our children. Huh? Those kids who were sitting our row were not ours. Nope, nope nope. =)

Evening concerts! International guest Chris Malme. GOH Carla Ulbrich and Joe Giacoio. Lots of great music from both concerts. Fun! I think what puzzled me the most was how Joe Giacoio got the sounds out of his guitar with just two hands. In the beginning, I thought he was playing along to track tape. Later, I was sure that there had to be a minimum of three hands, possibly four. I hear that I'm not the only one who thought that. How the heck did he get all those sounds out with just two hands?????

Did stay for hour of filk - theme circle led by Chris Malme on Moving Pictures. Got to hear Kitty's Jawas Roasting On An Open Pyre. hee! Saw Joey there and was hoping to get him to sing Lady Hawke, but he wasn't singing that evening. Next time. I did ask him if he'd gotten any of the Hobee's blueberry coffeecake. He had gotten just a little bit. *sniff* I told him he could have half the pan in the room which made him happy.

Another ealry night - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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