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I've been feeling a bit under the weather and felt like my energy level was stuck in low gear.
Now? Pre cold + con = SICK. Not horribly, just enough to be miserable. Staying home today in hopes of limiting the damage.

Friday, dithered whether to pack up a box of books and other stuff for Interfilk. Felt very ditzy. Nothing got packed except the for never been opened Enterprise model. Stopped by the store to pick up tejava for herefox, gassed up the car and drove down to pick up my partner in crime. Everything took longer than expected, so I was about half an hour late.

Lunch at Hobees! Blueberry coffeecake! Orange spice tea! Two of my favorite foods. Hobees was running a special, buy one pan of coffeecake and get the 2nd for free, so we picked up two blueberry, one cherry almond (last month's featured cake) and one peach walnut (this month's featured cake)

Kept one blueberry coffeecake for the room and dropped off the other 3 in consuite.

Hugs to people as we checked in. =)

Hey! The room has a patio which overlooks the the fountains! Was going to read or crochet, but I think I dozed off while listening to the fountain. The joys of pre-cold. Missed both evening concerts as we got a late start for dinner. Ended up at Red Robin. While waiting, I heard this "Hey Deb!". Squee! It was old co-worker Noyd, wife Karen and youngest son Nathan. I haven't seen Nathan since he was a baby! Now he's in HIGH SCHOOL. OMG! I haven't seen Karen in ages either. I had told Noyd about the supervisory analyst opening, but I scared him away from applying when I said he'd have to program again. This is the guy whose legacy to the computer system was a Subpoena module with half the programs spelled wrong (subpeona). Hee!

Did not go filking - no energy. Lights out around 11. Crash.


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