Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Census Meme

Just because I haven't posted about the stuff I did in February nor Consonance yet...

Latest seen from sraun.

  • 2011: Franciscan Way, Alameda. Living in a two bedroom apt, a block or so from the beach. Still working for a local government. Me, books and plushies and occasional kidlets.

  • 2001:: Broadway, Alameda. Living in a two bedroom upper flat. Working for a local government. Kyle spends one afternoon a week with me while I telecommute.

  • 1991:: Broadway, Alameda. Living in a two bedroom upper flat. Have been working for a local government for just over a year. I think Moe the goldfish was still swimming around in his gumball machine tank.

  • 1981: : High Street, Alameda. Living at home with Mom and two siblings. Working full time as office dogsbody/programmer. Also going to Hayward State full time for my BS degree in Computer Science. Life was just a bit crazy.

  • 1971: : Brookdale Ave., Oakland. Living in 3 bedroom home with Mom, Dad and two sisters. Going to Maxwell Park Elementary School.

  • 1961: : Apt on Cabrillo St., San Francisco or in Oakland. I'd have to go back and look through the photo albums. Me, Mom and Dad and perhaps, bits of Karen. Around this time, I was a few months old and Karen had just started to bake. By July of 1961, we were living on Brookdale Ave.

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