Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Just when you think you're getting ahead...

...the bluebird of happiness drops its calling card upon your head.

Case in point - the check engine light came on again. This time it wasn't the gas cap. No, this time it was the EUC computer gizmo which needed to be replaced. Yeah, I know, Eeyore II is ten years old and all and stuff starts needing replacement. 2K repair job (along with the usual maintenance stuff) *sigh*

Car wasn't ready yesterday, so I did the Train/BART/Bus thing home. It's just over two hours going home. This morning I got to do the reverse trip Bus/BART/Train. I was going to leave at 5:40am, but that didn't happen. I left at 6:40am and got to deal with SRO on BART to SF, but after the first few SF stations, there were lots of seats. It's just under two hours going to work.

ETA: 05:29pm: tire with nail fixed. Front and rear wipers replaced. Intermediate service done. 192.7K miles
Tags: eeyore ii, public transportation

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