Debbie (debmats) wrote,

da week

Sometimes I wish I could put a wee force field around my left shoulder/arm. Today, the kidlets and I were walking down to Southshore Towne Centre and Kyle grabbed my arm in order to get away from Alani. OW! I was not a happy camper. *sigh* Advil is my friend.

Tuesday, I watched my first episode of American Idol. JLo and Steve Tyler aren't as bad as I feared, though it is still very hard to watch ST.

Thursday, herefox and I saw 39 Steps at Theatreworks. T'was very silly and had iconic bits of most of Alfred Hitchcock's movies. It was fun.

Friday, was Laure's going away party at Deseo's Tequila Lounge. I stuck with diet coke all night, so was available to drive people home. Thankfully, my services weren't needed, though the GOH said the latter half of the evening was a bit blurry. She was escorted home on the train, so all was well. Great turn out - we were able to get the side room all to ourselves. Got to chat with a Kathy - she's a recent retiree and we got to celebrate her engagement! Was in trouble with Faith as I hadn't clue'd her into what was going on - but I had to be truthful - I didn't know. Did get to learn two different ways to do a shot - the usual with line and salt and the second with cinnamon and fruit. La Dama Fe wanted to get some dancing in, but it took 5 tries to finally get the right sort of music. "60's" got us "Do You Believe in Magic" and stuff by the Dave Clark 5. Mowtown and R&B got us some very slow, undanceable stuff. "Stevie Wonder" finally got something decent.

Saturday, K, kidlets and I went to breakfast at Southshore Cafe. Farmer's Market up next. Kidlets got their stuff together and came over to my place to relax and for a sleepover. Saturday evening, K, kidlets and I had dinner at Kamakura's and then went to High Street Station for an evening with Avalon Rising. Very enjoyable! We tried to stay all the way through, but we hit the witching hour at around 9:15.
Tags: family, friends, kidlets, music, work

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